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How To : Ford Sync2 F8 2019 navigatie kaart maken *UPDATE!

Discussie in 'Handleidingen Focus III' gestart door Magure, 12 dec 2018.

  1. I will try today I will keep you informed. Thank you
  2. General reset done . the problem is still the . if I put the magnifying glass at 200 meters I don’t see the streets. on the main screen my compass on the top right shows the streets well so it is new very well..
    can you help me for magnification to 200 meters ? thank you
  3. Do you have an original sd card? Or you made onze yourself? be sure that the card is quick enough in reading. At least 100 mb/s. Of you have an old original, try it with that one, if it is working.

    maybe this van Help www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGsoEns1bcQ
  4. I just tried my original sd F5 it works perfectly at 50 meters .. my new sd makes 100 mb/s read..
  5. probably a problem with F8 Download?
  6. I think I found my problem.
    this is the second time I’ve done it again
    formatting the sd card and put the F8 map
    at the end of the transfer a file name
    "D1_L2_0.mmd" does not transfer for cause too large file
    is folder this found in data minimap.je does not manage to paste it
  7. Did you format as exFAT ?
  8. yes sd card format exFAT.
    I copied the files "one by one" it worked . I still have to try on my car tomorrow. good night I keep you informed thanks to all
    VinST vindt dit leuk.
  9. hello .. it works!!!!!!!.. street visibility at 50 meters. I did not try to see destination . my story was laborious :-) but THANK YOU to all and I am excited about F9 ;-)))
    VinST en Johanpg vinden dit leuk.
  10. Great to hear it works ! About F9:the perfect excuse to upgrade to Sync 3 :dance:
  11. can be switched from sync 2 to sync 3
    without changing material? it would be really super genial:
  12. No, new hardware needed (screen, Apim, GPS receiver, USB hub, small cables)
  13. oulalalala better I buy the car with sync 3 ;-))
  14. Goedenavond allen,

    Ik zit met hetzelfde probleem. Bij het uitpakken van de bestanden wordt door Winrar een password gevraagd. Ik kan deze ook niet terug vinden in deze forum. Fijn overigens dat jullie deze software delen met ons. Respect!

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