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ST menu (en andere verborgen functies) activeren in de standaard Focus 3 teller.

Discussie in 'Handleidingen Focus III' gestart door JW, 26 apr 2015.

  1. I guess it may be the one value witch switches the module from us to eu.
    Some of you have done it to switch a us Tacho back to eu mode.

    What shall I do to switch it to full us mode and then back to eu?

    Can someone help?

    Best regards

  2. I converted several UK and USA instrument cluster to European spec. without any problems.

    The Focus MK3/MK3.5 instrument clusters are configured in 2 different ways. The instrument cluster is configured by the main Central Car Configuration (CCC) file that is stored inside the BCM. The instrument cluster contains a backup file of the CCC data. Despite not being used for normal operation of the car in my opinion the backup CCC file should always match the main CCC file. To do this you can simply read the CCC data from the BCM using the FoCCCus program and copy the data to the IPC.

    Apart from the CCC configuration the instrument cluster also has an additional (direct) configuration that is stored inside the instrument cluster itself. The direct configuration is not affected by any changes in the CCC data. The direct configuration parameters can be accessed using the "Tools" tab of the FoCCCus program.

    For a European spec. Focus MK3 Level 3 instrument cluster (large full color display) the direct configuration should look similar to the data below:

    DE00 F7FF1F00
    DE01 021E9C1F0A062452101F
    DE03 E0
    DE04 FFFF0000
    DE05 FF1F0000
    DE06 03000000
    DE07 FFFF7F00
    DE08 C0
    DE11 FFFF7F02
    DE16 BF03000E
    DE20 3E140000
    DE21 01000000
    DE22 FFFFFF87
    DE23 00000000

    This data is taken from an original European spec. Focus MK3 Level 3 instrument cluster.

    You should compare this data with the data of both your original instrument cluster and the new instrument cluster. It is recommendable to backup the data of both instrument clusters as a reference before changing any of the data.
  3. Thanks for your help.
    I am waiting for my genuine ELS27 adapter, then I´ll take the IPC.
    My China Elm is sold and so I cannot check the config.
    The old IPC was sold, so I only have the UK new one with color Display

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